税务机关依照有关法律、法规的规定,按照一定的程序,核定纳税人在一定经营时期内的应纳税经营额及收益额,并以此为计税依据,确定其应纳税额。这种征收方式属于()。Human societies have experienced so many wars, but have you ever thought about what a war really is? War may be a natural expression of biological instincts and drives toward aggression in the human species. Natural impulses of anger hostility and territoriality are expressed through acts of violence. These are all qualities that humans share with animals. Aggression is a kind of innate survival mechanism or an instinct for self-preservation that allows animals to defend themselves from threats to their existence. But on the other hand human violence shows evidence of being a learned behavior. In the case of human aggression violence cannot be simply reduced to an instinct. The many expressions of human violence are always conditioned by social conventions that give shape to aggressive behavior. In human societies violence has a social function. It is a strategy for creating or destroying forms of social order. Religions have taken a leading role in directing the powers of violence. We will look at the ritual and ethical patterns within which human violence has been directed.若保荐人和发行人终止保荐协议,应当自终止之日起5个交易日内向证券交易所报告,说明原因后,由发行人发布公告。()。