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听力原文: Why do we cry? Can you imagine life without tears? Not only do tears keep your eyes lubricated, they also contain a substance that kills certain bacteria so they can't infect your eyes. Give up your tears, and you'll lose this on-the-spot defense. Nobody wants to give up the flood of extra tears you produce when you get something physical or chemical in your eyes. Tears are very good at washing this irritating stuff out. Another thing you couldn't do without your tears is cry from joy, anger or sadness. Humans are the only animals that produce tears in response to emotions, and most people say a good cry makes them feel better. Many scientists, therefore, believe that crying somehow helps us cope with emotional situations. Tear researcher, Winifred, is trying to figure out how it happens. One possibility he says is that tears discharge certain chemicals from your body, chemicals that build up during stress. When people talk about crying it out," I think that might actually be what they are doing", he says. If Fred is right, what do you think will happen to people who restrain their tears? Boys, for example, cry only about a quarter as often as girls once they reach teenage years, and we all cry a lot less now than we did as babies. Could it possibly be that we face less stress? Maybe we found another ways to deal with it, or maybe we just feel embarrassed.某股份有限公司发行股票4000万股,缴款结束日为6月30日,当年预计税后利润6400万元,公司发行新股前的总股本数为12000万股,用全面摊薄法计算的每股收益为()。经国务院国有资产监督管理机构批准进行主辅分离辅业改制的项目,按限额专项委托中央企业办理相关资产评估项目备案。其中,属于国家授权投资机构的中央企业,由国务院国有资产监督管理机构办理备案的是()。。