下列关于人民陪审员的哪些表述是错误的?一时一事的得失,似乎永远困扰着我们,永远是生命的烦恼之泉。倘若能真正将其置之度外,烦恼就真正超脱了。其实,真正值得烦恼的命题在于:生命的价值究竟应以何种形式作何种转化,对于这个千古之谜,一千个人有一千种答案,却没有任何一本哪怕是世界上最权威的教科书能提出最完美的答案。这段话主要说明的是()。听力原文: Jane Brown, has been married for 12 years, she has three children and lives in a suburb outside Columbus, Ohio. When her youngest child reached school age, Jane decided to go back to work. She felt that she should contribute to the household finances. Her salary could make the difference between the financial struggle and a secure financial situation for her family. Jane also felt bored and frustrated in her role as a home maker and wanted to be more involved in life outside her home. Jane was worried about the children' s adjustment to the new situation, but she arranged for them to go to stay with a woman nearby after school each afternoon. They seemed to be happy with the arrangement. The problem seemed to be between Jane and her husband Bill. When Jane was at home all day, she was able to clean the house, go grocery shopping, wash the clothes, take care of the children and cook the two or three meals each day. She was very busy, of course, but she succeeded in getting everything done. Now these same things need to be done, but Jane has only evenings and early mornings to do them. Both Jane and Bill are tired when they arrived at home at six p. m.. Bill is accustomed to sitting down and reading the paper or watching TV until the dinner is ready. This is exactly what Jane feels like doing, but someone has to fix the dinner, and Bill expects it to be Jane. Jane is becoming very angry at Bill' s attitude. She feels that they should share the household jobs. But Bill feels that everything should be the same as it was before she went back to work.。