Who are moat likely to grow old sooner?Individualism, independence, and self-reliance are perhaps the most distinctive American characteristic. American "individualism" is 【C1】______ a good thing, it does not mean being 【C2】______ , each person is expected to make 【C3】______ for himself or herself about all aspects of life 【C4】______ , career, and home. The nuclear family (mother, father, and children) is an important aspect of American society. 【C5】______ usually has much less influence on the behavior. of any individual in it 【C6】______ it generally true in china. Children are 【C7】______ from an early age to be self-reliant taking care of their clothes and bedrooms, perhaps helping to cook and 【C8】______ and to begin thinking for themselves and even learning to manage their own money. Parents provide advice and assistance of course, 【C9】______ when their children are young, but the importance of the individual is 【C10】______ . This is reflected in American 【C11】______ such as "Think for yourself', "Do your 【C12】______ thing." and "You are the master of your own fate." 【C13】______ concentrating on the individual, Americans 【C14】______ a greater personal responsibility for the decisions they make and the actions they take. This principle applies 【C15】______ all aspects of life, including the family, social relations, finances, business, law academics, and medicine.下列选项中的内容哪些符合人身保险的特征?()。