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Yeats was beginning to use a vocabulary freshly minted from the treasury of Gaelic literature, and many of the shorter poems in The Countess Kathleen and Various Legends and Lyrics (1892) deal with a mythology Ireland had well nigh forgotten and England never known. For Arthur and his Round Table Yeats substituted the very different Conchubar and his Red Branch Warriors, and Finn and his Fenians. The Red Branch cycle of legends included Fergus, whom Ness had tricked out of his kingdom so that her son Conchubar could rule over Ulster in his stead, and in Fergus and the Druid Yeats makes him avid for dreaming wisdom. Fergus was the unwitting agent of the doom of the Sons of Usna, Naoise the lover of Deirdre and his brothers Ardan and Ainle, who had accompanied the lovers to Scotland when they fled from Conchubar's wrath, for Deirdre was Conchubar's intended bride. Fergus had persuaded them to return against the wishes of Deirdre and had been tricked out of acting as their safe conduct. He joined with Maeve, Queen of Connaught, after this, in her raid on Ulster, in which Cuchulain achieved his great fame as Ulster's champion. Cuchulain is the Achilles of the Irish Saga, and he appears throughout Yeats's plays and poems, as warrior, as husband of Emer, as lover of Eithne Inguba, and of Aoife, as the unknowing killer of his own son and finally as victim of the sea.听力原文:M I Before we start the factory visit, let me give you a few figures about Lifestyle. Foods, about the speciality bread market and about our business in that market. Basically, the UK speciality bread market's growing at 15% a year. And our market share's half of that market. So it's a great business for us to be in at the moment and this explains why we've seen a 65% rise in our sales over the last two years. About the factory. As you can see, there's some building work in progress - so do be careful! You wouldn't believe we had a fire here a few years ago, would you? We had to rebuild immediately as everything was totally destroyed. But the building work you can see now is because the number of new customers buying our products is increasing at such a rate that we need the space. It'll give us some new factory space and also extra warehouse and packaging facilities. Although the existing warehouse is quite modem and adequate for now, it won't be for too much longer- especially with the launch of our new bread, lavash.下面迹象最不可能像感染了计算机病毒的是。