For most of us, the work is the central, dominating fact of life. We spend more than half our conscious hours at work, preparing for work, traveling to and from work. What we do there largely determines our standard of living and to a considerable extent the status we are accorded by our fellow citizens as well. It is sometimes said that because leisure has become more important the indignities and injustices of work can be pushed into a comer, that because most work is pretty intolerable, the people who do it should compensate for its boredom, frustration and humiliations by concentrating their hopes on the other parts of their lives. I reject that as a counsel of despair. For the foreseeable future the material and psychological rewards which work can provide, and the conditions in which work is done, will continue to play a vital part in determining the satisfaction that lie can offer. Yet only a small minority can control the pace at which they work or the conditions in which their work is done; only for a small minority does work offer scope for creativity, imagination, or initiative.Many people invest in the stock market hoping to find the next Microsoft and Dell. However, I know【21】personal experience how difficult this really is. For more than a year, I was【22】hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a day investing in the market. It seemed so easy. I dreamed of【23】my job at the end of the year, of buying a small apartment in Paris, of traveling around the world. But these dreams【24】to a sudden and dramatic end when a stock I【25】, Texas cellular phone wholesaler, fell by more than 75 percent【26】a one year period. On the【27】day, it plunged by more than $15 a share. There was a rumor the company was【28】sales figures. That was when I learned how quickly Wall Street【29】companies that misrepresent the【30】.Which three main topics would best help outline the information in this selection?。