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现场检查是银行业监督措施中的一个重要措施,以下行为属于此范畴的是()。Lawrence Bragg, the Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics, once wrote: "I will try to define what I believe to be lacking in our present courses for undergraduates. They do not learn to write clearly and briefly, marshalling their Points in due and aesthetically satisfying order, and eliminating inessentials. They are inept at those turns of phrase or happy analogy which throw a flying bridge across a chasm of misunderstanding and make contact between mind and mind. They do not know how to talk to people who have a very different training from them, and how to carry conviction when plans for action of vital importance to them are made." Perhaps this would not matter too much if physical science students were destined only for the backrooms of scientific laboratories. But recent trends indicate that many science graduates end up in careers far from their initial training. Many a physics graduate is to be found predicting the future market in the Square Mile; many a chemist is hyping it up in public relations. One of the main complaints of those graduates who leave science is that their course concentrated on producing students equipped to follow a research career, and that the underlying assumption was that such research would be carried out in an academic environment. Those who eventually find themselves elsewhere, whether as scientific researchers or in another capacity, often feel ill equipped for the environment of commerce and industry. These young people often have to write off their last three years' training. At most, all they got from their BSc was a grounding in scientific logic and numeracy. The factual content of their subject was just so much excess baggage.听力原文:M: Excuse me, could you please tell me the way to the Bank of China?。