下列关于急性白血病骨髓移植治疗的叙述,正确的是Customs officers at a London airport yesterday found 500,000 pounds worth of drugs which were being smuggled(走私)into Britain in boxes marked "Urgent Medical Supplies." The【C1】______might have suspected for some time【C2】______drugs were being brought into the country in this way. The【C3】______is believed to be the work of a【C4】______international group. Four men were arrested at【C5】______airport and help for questioning,【C6】______it is unlikely that they are the organizers. In【C7】______they declared that they were【C8】______of what the boxes contained and【C9】______acted in good faith in bringing【C10】______into Britain. This is the third time【C11】______six months that attempts have been made to smuggle【C12】______goods through Customs by declaring them to【C13】______medical supplies. They are frequently【C14】______in special containers and a【C15】______is given that they may be【C16】______if they are not handled with care."【C17】______are determined to put a【C18】______to this practice, "said one of the Customs officers today."【C19】______is no way these people are going to get away【C20】______this any longer. We have the full co - operation of the international police who are as anxious as we are to track down the main source of supply."物业租赁管理模式常见的有()。。