下列 Excel 公式输入的格式中,()是正确的。下列关于写字板的叙述中,不正确的是(41)。Shopping habits in the United States have changed greatly in the last quarter of the 20th century.【C1】______in the 1900s most American towns and cities had a Main Street. Main Street was always in the heart of a town. This street was【C2】______on both sides with many【C3】______businesses. Here shoppers walked into stores to look at all sorts of merchandise: clothing, furniture, hardware, groceries.【C4】______, some shops offered【C5】______. These shops included drugstores, restaurants, shoe-repair stores, and barber or hairdressing shops.【C6】______in the 1950s, a change began to【C7】______. Too many automobiles had crowded into Main Street【C8】______too few parking places were【C9】______for the shoppers. Bemuse the streets were crowded, merchants began to look with interest at the open spaces【C10】______the city limits." Open space was what their car-driving customers needed. And open space was what they got,【C11】______the first shopping center was built. Shopping centers, or rather malls,【C12】______as a collection of small new stores【C13】______crowded city centers.【C14】______by hundreds of free parking space, customers were drawn away from【C15】______areas to outlying malls.。